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This Tool-Kit has been designed to provide teachers, school nurses, caretakers, and others that work with children materials to assist in developing health and safety projects that are not only fun and interesting, but also help to change behavior.   Contents includes a list of resources, activity ideas, and tips that promote proper nutrition, adequate exercise, adequate rest, practicing health and safety habits, and avoiding risky behaviors. 

To download the complete set (in Adobe Acrobat) click Healthy Lifestyles Toolkit (2092K) or click on the individual sections below.

Part 1  Tip Sheets (894K) - Nutrition, Fitness, Adequate Rest, Safety, Risky Behaviors
Fact Sheets:  Fast Facts on the obesity epidemic, physical in-activity, and its costs.

Part 2  Child Health Month Fall 2004 Newsletter Includes an article on causes of obesity. For more recent newsletters Click Here.

Part 3  Highlighted Resources and Websites Online (89K)
Resource list (264K)  For updated resources Click Here.

Part 4  Activity Ideas (450K)

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