About ACNJ

ACNJ is the trusted, independent voice putting children’s needs first for more than 30 years. We educate the public and policymakers and equip caregivers with the information they need to be their child’s strongest ally. Our work results in better laws and policies, more effective funding and stronger services for children and families. This means more children are given the chance to grow up safe, healthy and educated.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give voice to the needs of children by educating and engaging state leaders and educating the public through research, policy and legal analysis and strategic communications.

Our Vision

Investments in our children reap results. Not for just one child. But for thousands of children all over New Jersey. For these children, changes in public policy mean the difference between growing up healthy and strong or facing a lifelong struggle to survive.

When we help our children to grow up safe, healthy and educated, they become productive adults, contributing to New Jersey’s communities, securing our future and making the state a better place to live.

That is why ACNJ works to ensure that every child is given the chance to attend quality preschool, have health coverage and grow up safe from abuse and neglect. That is why we believe that all parents should be able to feed, clothe and house their children and that all youth should be put on a productive path to adulthood.

How ACNJ Gives Every Child a Chance

We Inform. ACNJ researches issues and produces nationally-acclaimed reports to inform policymakers and the public and to advance solutions. Our educational forums bring experts from New Jersey and around the country to share strategies that work. Our NJ KIDS COUNT project provides critical data on child well-being to state leaders, advocates and the public. Using data to drive decisions leads to smarter choices that help more children.

We Advocate. ACNJ works closely with state and federal lawmakers and policymakers to bolster their understanding and response to the needs of children and families.

We Build Coalitions. ACNJ’s e-advocacy network includes more than 7,000 people who speak up for children at the local, state and federal levels. We equip local advocates with the skills to fight for children in their own backyards. We bring together groups of professionals to develop better practices and quality programs. And we build coalitions of concerned citizens who share a commitment to improving the lives of children and families. 

We Equip Caregivers. Through ACNJ’s KidLaw Center, thousands of parents, caregivers and professionals gain the information they need to be their child’s strongest ally and advocate.

We Elevate Children’s Voices. Through ACNJ, thousands of children have had their concerns, thoughts and visions shared with lawmakers, governors and other state leaders, giving them a say in the decisions that drive their future.

Join Us

We can’t do this important work alone. We need caring, dedicated people to join us in speaking up for New Jersey’s children, sending the message that people throughout the state believe children should be a top priority for all of us – our schools, our communities and our elected officials.

A cornerstone of ACNJ's success is its independence. We are strictly non-partisan and accept no government funding for advocacy, freeing us to focus on our sole mission - helping children.

As a non-profit, ACNJ counts on support from individual donors, our foundation partners and corporations to succeed in our efforts.

We invite you to join our work.

Raise Your Voice. Joining our network enables you to quickly contact your elected officials about urgent children’s issues.

Invest in our Work. Your tax-deductible donation will help thousands of children all around the State of New Jersey.

Learn to Advocate. ACNJ's The ABCs of Child Advocacy provides basic information about how to create positive change for children. In addition, ACNJ periodically holds Regional Kids Count Forum that help counties to use data to drive change, as well as other informative events. To learn more about upcoming events, contact Reggie Dorsey at rdorsey@acnj.org.


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